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I must say it is very impressive. I had six of our people including myself using it on a daily basis, and everyone had great things to say about it. All in all none of the persons using the cart could find anything we didn't like about it.

Weiler Welding Co. Inc.

The Uplifter Handcart is an ergonomic assist and is better than just a dolly. The Uplifter Handcart is an ergonomic machine rather than a two-wheel handcart. The Uplifter Handcart addresses the main cause for injury...bending and lifting. By lifting and lowering loads automatically, it virtually eliminates the need for bending on the part of a delivery worker. The lifting and lowering mechanism and the internal dual safety control system is so advanced it is covered by US patent. Purchase of the Uplifter or a fleet of Uplifter Handcarts could well result in tremendous savings for any company by reducing injury claims, insurance rates and missed time from work.

Wright State University

The benefits toward the employer and the employees include increasing productivity, reducing lower back stress, potentially reducing Worker's Compensation claims and a reduction in worker fatigue.

Crown Equipment Corporation